Stories and Legends of Rathlin. Day tours




Come for a day to one of Ireland's most beautiful , wild and rugged wonders of the world - the tranquil Rathlin island. Steeped in rich history, the island possesses many a hidden treasure including the iron age fort , a 14th century castle and a 16 th century tower house.

There are many tales of myth and mystery surrounding Rathlin, the most famous tells of Robert the Bruce.In 1306, th scottish king was driven from Scotland by Edward 1 of England and tppok refuge on Rathlin.While he was on Rathlin, it is said that he watched a spider persevering again and again to bridge a gap with its wed.Eventually it succeeded.Robert the Bruce took heart from the spiders efforts, raised fresh forces and returned to Scotland to fight for his kingdom.He too , eventually succeeded and in 1314 regained the crown of Scotland.

This is only one of the legends you will learn during our Myths and Legends day tour.

You can expect to learn the haunting tale of the Children of Lir or the story of The Ceannan Dubh.You will delight at the amazing history of the island and be entertained when you hear the cunningness of Will of the wisp!! Our day tour on Myths and Legends starts from the moment you arrive on the island.

We will meet you and explain over coffee and scones a brief history of the island touching upon the massacres famine and emigration.

We will then embark upon a walk around the Church Bay area including a trip to the visitors centre where the rich history of the island is very well illustrated.

Lunch is accompanied by weird and wonderful stories by a local historian giving you more insight into the islands bloody history and many even a yarn or two!

You will then have an opportunity before leaving on the afternoon boat to buy some local publications from the island that will keep you enthralled for weeks to come.

*Price of the day trip including the services of the guide and historian, coffee, scones upon arrival and lunch...£25.00 per person.*

**Ferry price not included. Please call the Rathlin Island Ferry Company to book the Ferry. 02820769299.**